Parfumerie Trésor
Perl De Lys Noir
Category : Floral Woody Musk

Description :

Stirred up by notes of black pepper, Perle de Lys Noir develops its voluptuous trail through narcotic white flowers: Bewitching lily plays with jasmine and the animal facets of broomflower, while tuberose exhales its spicy breath and ylang ylang exhorts its exoticism. 

This feminine white flower bouquet is touched by lush vanilla and magnetic amber, before being softly wrapped in sandalwood and cashmere wood's soft embrace. Incense adds a veil of mystery to this shining aura of scent. Perle de Lys Noir expresses more intensity and richness in the floral and oriental accords than in Isabey's original Lys Noir. This shining black Pearl comes enclosed in a black leather coffret.

Ingredients: Black Pepper, Lys Noir, Jasmine, Tuberose, Lroomflower, Ylang Ylang, Cashmere Woods, Sandalwood Essence, Incense, Vanilla, Amber

HK$ 2,980 / 50ml Extrait de Parfums