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M2 Brows Eyebrow Renewing Serum
Category : Beauty Care

Description :

M2 BROWS EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM is a highly effective activating serum that creates thicker, longer, more nourished, and stronger eyebrows.


M2 BROWS EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM strengthens and lengthens the eyebrows, refills the gaps, and gives brows a healthy, nourished look thanks to its high-quality care components.


By doing so, it significantly enhances radiance and provides new, flexible styling possibilities!


Just like our M2LASHES activating serum, M2 BROWS EYEBROW RENEWING SERUM is also based on the innovative and highly effective MDN complex, developed in accordance with findings in the area of ophthalmology, as well as on effective care components.


The combination of the highly effective MDN complex with natural Black sea Rod Oil makes eyebrows more expressive, thicker, and darker after only 6 weeks!


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HK$ 1,650 / 5ml