Parfumerie Trésor
Omniscent 0.96
Category : Oriental

Description :

Omniscent covers the full spectrum of scents for the utmost versatility. Pink pepper gives this classic scent a light, ethereal quality, yet it’s also spicy and robust. Both men and women who wear this fragrance comment on its magnetic quality. Prepare to be utterly irresistible.

PERFUMER’S NOTES: Noir, spicy, woody, floral, powdery, and mysterious. When I created this fragrance, I couldn’t fit it into a category or describe it very well, so I made up a word—Omniscent. It’s an all-encompassing scent with a little bit of everything, including a touch of magic. On people with red hair, milky skin, and green eyes, it becomes enchanting. On someone with dark hair and dark skin, it’s very warm and spicy. On a few people, it turns to powder and becomes very ethereal. The pink pepper gives it that shimmering, versatile quality. It’s just gorgeous. I love it on both men and women. Perfect for winter, or a dramatic evening out.

Ingredients: Gradenia, Egyptian Tuberose, Fig, Lilac, Violet, Kush, Tunisian Opium, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Basil, Clove, Geranium

HK$ 1,280 / 50ml