Parfumerie Trésor
Stargazer 7.71
Category : Floral Green

Description :

Stargazer is a wonderful green fragrance that can be worn from day into evening, and its charm is irresistible to both men and women. This beguiling concoction is inspired by the intoxicating aroma of the stargazer lily and late summer nights spent watching shooting stars. A timeless beauty with infinite appeal.

PERFUMER’S NOTES: Aspen sparkles. The snow and stars look like diamonds. When I lived there, I used to love bundling up in winter and standing outside on my balcony, looking up at the millions of stars twinkling against the midnight mountain sky. When you’re at this altitude, you’re closer to the stars, and they seem more crystal and luminescent.


This fragrance has a crispness to it and an urban edge, like the first breath of cold night air l: ooking out over the city. It’s perfect for transitions too—those moments when you’re in a transcendent and spontaneous space—and carries you from day into evening like stilettos with jeans. This was one of the first fragrances I created many years ago, and so it has a bit of that wild youth vibe.


Stargazer also has a double meaning for me. I love stargazer lilies, with their richness of color and depth of their nectar, but the white ginger adds a twist of pure rock star glam.

Ingredients: kenya Lily, White Ginger

HK$ 1,280 / 50ml