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White Flowers 1.41
Category : Floral

Description :

White Flowers is the essence of eternal love captured in a bouquet of all white flowers: gardenia, tuberose, freesia, lilac, sweet pea, and narcissus. Unlike other floral perfumes, this fragrance has a clean, green finish accomplished with hints of pettitgrain and Siberian fir. It’s a classic floral with modern finesse. Delicate, sophisticated, and elegant.

PERFUMER’S NOTES: White Flowers is a complex floral fragrance with a green finish. People often ask me what that means. It means that there are many white flowers in this fragrance but, unlike other floral fragrances, this perfume does not linger nor become sweet or cloying. Instead, it has a green finish, which is like a wine with a dry finish. When you smell this fragrance, you notice how complex the floral notes are and then notice that fresh finish. The fresh finish comes from the pettitgrain and Siberian fir, which give this fragrance the feeling of an immense bouquet of freshly picked flowers. My mother is a master of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement. She would often talk about the balance in a composition, which isn’t just about the bloom of the flower but also the relationship of the flower to the stems and leaves, the vessel and space. This is the idea I used to compose White Flowers.


I originally created this scent to honor the white flowers in a wedding bouquet, but it has become much more than that. When you wear this fragrance, you might feel transported outdoors. There’s a natural aromaticquality to it that smells great on men. You might think it would be too floral, but, on men, the green notes come forward and the floral notes fall back. It’s wonderfully fresh, but also complex and sophisticated. I fall in love with this fragrance over and over again because it never fails to surprise me.

Ingradients: Jasmin Sambac, Night Blooming Jasmin, Violet, Sweet Pea, Freesia, Tea Rose, Rose Maroc, Gardenia Soft, Lily of the Valley, Soft Lilac, Egyptian Tuberose, Siberian Fir, Narcissus, Pettitgrain

HK$ 1,280 / 50ml