Parfumerie Trésor
Sottile 1.61
Category : Floral

Description :

Sottile is translated from the Italian word for “subtle.” Simple, understated, and self-assured. This fragrance is an elegant bouquet of tea rose and muguet. Soft and sentimental, it captures the essence of inward beauty.

PERFUMER’S NOTES: Sottile is a wonderful scent for quiet reflection, walks on the beach, or gardening. It is a very simple fragrance, easy to wear and quite elegant at the same time. Most people who are attracted to this scent are connected to the natural essence of themselves that is feminine, sensitive, and graceful; this scent has a way of bringing out those qualities in everyone. Tea rose and lily of the valley are sometimes perceived as old-fashioned and sometimes people think of their grandmother when they smell tea roses.


I never really knew my grandmother so, to me, it’s a very modern fragrance but certainly sentimental. When I was younger, my mother grew roses in our yard. I would daydream for hours looking at those yellow roses, then wander outside to smell them and feel the soft touch of rose petals on my face. I have learned to love things that are simply pretty; the most gorgeous flowers are not necessarily the most glamorous or noticeable. What’s extraordinary about this fragrance is its understated elegance. I like to wear Sottile when I feel pretty and sweet; it’s a subtle, pure fragrance and a timeless beauty.

Ingedients: Tea Rose, Lily of the Valley

HK$ 1,280 / 50ml