Parfumerie Trésor
Category : Aromatic Spicy

Description :

XJ Shooting Stars - Inspired by a Siberian meteorite shower, XJ Shooting Stars captures the moment where 'heaven met earth'. A unique work of art, each perfume (there are ten to choose from) is presented in a crystal flacon and enthroned in a lacquered wooden box embedded with a piece of meteorite!

Uden is a complex yet clean and uplifting citrus scent with a floral and amber soul. Note of grapefruit and lemon open up this unique scent creating a sense of familiarity but soon a soft and sensual blend of exotic guaiaco wood and rum absolute add an unexpected counterpoint. A well-orchestrated blend of absolute of coffee and vanilla amber close out the symphony of enduring notes: elegant and irresistibly charming.

HK$ 2,380 / 50ml