Parfumerie Trésor
Take Control Of Your Body With A Professional Intimate Stylist
Date: 2018-10-18


    一直以來女性都活在社會給予的重重規範之下 - 要溫柔賢淑, 要沈默內斂.....
幸運的是在今天選擇走出傳統框框的女性愈來愈多, 亦愈來愈敢於探索更多自我的可能性。
    這次我們邀請了親密關係專家 Sally Coco ( Anna ) 帶領大家探索身體的密碼,


*Sally Coco 是全港首間女性友善並以 Intimate Styling 為主題的情趣用品店,


主持人 Vera 製作的有關教育短片分別散落於不同社交和主流媒體當中,



時間:下午6:30 - 7:30
地點: Parfumerie Trésor 
( 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan)
*如有興趣,請電郵至 或 致電 (+852) 2711 5922 預留座位。





Take control of your body with a professional intimate stylist

    Society has often labelled us, ladies, to abide by certain rules and standards.
 They need us to be gentle, ladylike, elegant and soft-spoken and we are not expected
to act any differently from these norms.
 Luckily the modern women today is more willing to step outside these norms,
to become someone that we truly feel comfortable as.
 Are you ready to become the real you?

    We have invited Sally Coco’s intimate stylist ( Anna )  to join us for this months culture talk.
 They would bring you on a journey of body discovery.  
To better understand the secrets hidden within your body
and to guide us into how to truly enjoy your intimate life with your other half.

*Sally Coco is the first female-friendly sex toy shop in Hong Kong 
which aims to promote quality, fulfilling intimate life and relationships.
Their founder Vera has also held sex education workshops for several youth organizations 
and has been involved as the director and actress of the opening performance 
in Women Festival HK---The Vagina Monologues.


Date: 18th October 2018
Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm

Venue: Parfumerie Trésor
( 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan )

If you are interested in joining our talk, 
please contact us via email at 
or call us at 2711 5922 to book your seat today!

*Seats are limited and on a first come first serve basis
  The talk will be conducted in Cantonese