Parfumerie Trésor
Date: 2016-03-16

Parfumerie Trésor 精品香水鑑賞工作坊


今年5月,Parfumerie Trésor 歷史性與 Le French May 法國五月節首次合辦「精品香水鑑賞工作坊」。會上有專人分享欣賞及選擇香水心得,令大家重新啟發對氣味的認識及加深對精品香水的了解。每一位到場來賓也可獲得一份價值港幣200元的禮物以作紀念。


講者: Francois Hénin (法國精品香水大師) / Benny Tung (Parfumerie Trésor 聯合創辦人之一)


日期: 2016年5月1日至31日
地點: Parfumerie Trésor (香港中環擺花街28號地鋪)
門票: 港幣100元正
電話: 2711 5922



Parfumerie Trésor Artistic Perfume Appreciation Workshop


Parfumerie Trésor is Hong Kong's first artistic and niche perfume boutique. Collaborating with Le French May together for the first time in the month of May we will be bringing to you an “Artistic Perfume Appreciation Workshop”.


During the workshop we will share with you all knowledge on how to select different perfumes for different moods and occasions, to identify your unique scent and to understand in depth the history of perfumes. Together with us you can indulge yourself in the culture and world of French perfumery. Each participant will receive a gift with value of HK$200 after the workshop.


Speaker: Francois Hénin (Master of French Artistic Perfumes) / Benny Tung (Co-Founder of Parfumerie Trésor)


Dates: 1st - 31st May 2016
Venue: Parfumerie Trésor (G/F, 28 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong)
Tickets: HK$100
Tel: 2711 5922


*Participants can register and purchase their preferred time slot by contacting our shop staff via telephone or email.