Parfumerie Trésor


Perfumes have always been one of the things that gather all people in one harmony.

Because we appreciate the great role of women and how hard it is to reach their level of sophistication and success, we made sure that we come up with a unique collection for women to reflect every woman’s unique personality.

When it comes to men, we understand their different interests and how each one has a different soul, this is why we challenged ourselves to make every single perfume able to convey their characters, shapes, habits and desires.

Perfumes come from different origins and each scent reflects the culture from where it originates. The East has its own charm while the West is full of Creativity. We decided to come up with something unique by blending the charm of the East with the Creativity of the West and amaze the East and the West with our Philosophy of selected Fragrances.

We have a wide selection of Arabian Oud perfume oils, please visit us to experience them all.

Scents include:

1,000 Flowers, 1,001 Nights, Assalah, Bulgarian Rose, Dewan Al Sharq, Egyptian Jasmine, Egyptian Musk, Elegance, Friday Night, Layla, Musk Motasallik, Rose Istanbul Fakhar, Samawi, Sultan Blend

With special bottled editions of Kalemat Amber, Kalemat Floral and Kalemat Musk