Parfumerie Trésor


Inspired by the rooted traditions, modern vision and the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul that has embraced so many civilizations; NISHANE is ready to be the indicator of the value you put on yourself and your loved ones with unique and sophisticated fragrances and elegant touch of its artistic collections designed with utmost care.


Bearing in mind that a delicate sprinkle of scent has the capacity to kindle valued reminiscences along with enlightening feelings, NISHAN

proudly presents the first niche perfume collection of Turkey “Extrait de Parfum Collection”.


After launching the series of Cologne Parfumée - the new intensely-concentrated formula of sharable eau de parfum – and incredibly fragrant, luxurious and exclusive Scented Candles, it took nearly two years to accomplish the rare essences of the 16-scent Extrait de Parfum Collection created to amaze the niche perfume lovers all around the world. The fragrance notes of the collection have been chosen delicately

to tell unique life stories. Everyone is invited to feel Istanbul’s very own mixture of the cultures by a sniff of NISHANE perfume made of the

strong olfactive memories.


Each NISHANE fragrance is designed as a tribute to different emotions and moods to ensure cherished moments to remember.


Honouring the stylishness in the tradition of offering cologne to the guests as an inherent way of showing hospitality; NISHANE’s perfumers

dreamt of modernising this tradition of sharing pleasant odours with others. Under the inspiration of glamorous aromas of Istanbul and

numerous precious cultures prevailing in different parts of the world; the main struggle was to achieve a distinctive formula by deliberately blending the most admirable fragrance notes of highest quality natural sources coming from all around the world in an attempt to create distinguishing and long-lasting scents enjoy and spread out the general sense of pleasure.


Each stylish NISHANE scented candle is made of organic and eco-friendly vegetable wax. In comparison to paraffin wax candles,

vegetable wax candles burn more slowly and more brightly, create a distinctive crystalline pattern, and absorb a greater level of


and release it more smoothly due to this large crystal molecular structure.


Along with the aromatherapy impact thanks to the deliberately selected fragrance notes that fill the air with soothing, relaxing and

enlivening aromas and linger for hours, all luxury scented NISHANE candles are designed to make any interior attractive and inviting.


Just like the bottles of perfume series, the handmade scented candles of NISHANE FRAGRANCES are fabulous gift ideas for any occasion

with their gorgeous handmade packaging in which elegance meets functionality.