Parfumerie Trésor


Around the beginning of the 19th century, Dandy Alfred d'Orsay was born to a Count and Baroness.  This elegant figure lived between London and Paris.  He was a frequent guest to the elite of his time and was known as Alfred "l'archange du dandysme" (the Dandyism's archangel) due to his excellent taste and his eye for details.


The Count d'Orsay painted, sculptured and created for him and others, and above all for women...As soon as he met Marguerite he fell deeply in love with her at first sight.  She fired his imagination and inspired him but their romance proved to be difficult as the beauty was wife to another man who in addition, was a very close friend our dear Dandy.  Faced with this almost impossible love story our artist decided to express his feelings through a new talent, the creation of fragrances.  


From that day onwards, noticing the success of his first essence - Etiquette Bleue (Blue Etiquette) that was a reimagination of an original perfume for Marguerite, he continued to create a number of perfumes.  So the Maison de Parfum was born and bears his name: d'Orsay.