Parfumerie Trésor



"Show without revealing too much
and leave person free to pursue their dream..."

Inspired by the arts, and more specifically, that special ambiance behind the scenes, Making Of perfumes, invites you to create your own olfactory experience. Here, we take the first step; then it's up to you to take it to the next level.  Because each fragrance immerses you in a universe, it's a real story.
We give you the theme, inspired by beauty and luxury; you write the lines.

This is a new experience in the art of perfumery, where each person's character and skin redefines the fragrance.

Our goal? To create a dream.
Like in a movie, where each scene is unique, Making Of invites you to play out a singular story through five original and modern creations, with sillages as powerful as they are unexpected.
Named Premier rôle, Inavouable, Rocher Princier, l'amour la mode and Amazing shooting in sense of photo shoot, they'll lead you on a sophisticated and exclusive olfactory journey, one that is deeply moving!
This multi-faceted range of fragrances is made by skillfull combination and even distribution of ingredients in the solution composed of 20% extracts.  the heart notes reveal themselves upon the magic of a unique, perfectly controlled perfume with sublte and voluptuous chords.
Like rare perfumes, it has no label and can belong to a woman or a man.  It's a soft as a kiss on the neck ans as powerful as thunderbolt...
It's captivating!  It leaves a delicate olfactory signature in its wake, a promise of love.